April 15, 2009
Our minds and our bodies
June 11, 2009

Function is key-excitement vs satisfaction 
How many times do we get seduced by the excitement of something new-whether it be a relationship, a new thing to buy, a new job, the Internet?
I believe that what drives most addictive behavior is excitation without emotional contact. Another words, we’re seduced by the excitement of something outside ourselves that pulls us into what Buddhists call attatchment or clinging or desire.
Rather than being in contact with ourselves , we’re pulled outside of ourselves by the promise of some reward-we’ll feel better, safe, have momentary pleasure, or we want to  get rid of our pain, escape ourselves.
I think it’s important to watch our excitement, as it arises .Observe the sensations in our body. Are they pleasant or do you feel  gripping, fearful, tense, anxious, uneasy? What passes for excitement may be some other emotion or sensation; that if you pause long enough to get in touch with yourself may stop yourself from entering/fostering some unforseen/unproductive consequence.
Remember function-the ability to healthily experience life and pleasure and be productive and satisfied at the same time is the key.