Have you tried everything but are still suffering?

Are you fed up with chronic,
persistent pain that won’t go away?

Have you tried everything and are losing hope?
Are you frustrated that chronic pain keeps you from doing what you want?

  • I can help you heal and feel greater vitality; feeling less limitation and more enjoyment of life.
  • I can help you feel more youthful and rely on your body for balance, stability and strength.
  • I can help you connect the dots and learn to move with greater ease, leading to lasting change.

Learn more about our Methods so you can get back to where you want to be.

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My passion is sincere,
because I went through it.

I was out of it for 10 years, and I don’t want anyone to suffer as long as I did. This story is about how I found healing, and how this same healing is available to you, no matter what kind of pain you are experiencing.

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You Really Try To Get At The Root Cause Of My Issue.

5-starsNov 16, 2023 by Returning Patient

It was enlightening for me to see, that Dr. Feldman is not just trying to treat symptoms, but actually fundamentally change the mindset of where the symptoms are coming from. The reason I keep coming back is a lot times when you are in the traditional medical system, if it’s out of their wheelhouse, then that’s it…you’re on your own. And I think the thing that is unique about Dr. Feldman is that he doesn’t give up. If there’s one approach that isn’t working, he’ll try a different approach. For example, we went from CranioSacral Therapy and maybe that wasn’t the thing, then we’d do Nutrition, and other times we used the Feldenkrais Method. In traditional medical visits, it’s always in and out and that’s it. The other thing I really appreciate, is that he really spends time trying to make sure that I feel better. It wasn’t just the transactional thing which is also a very frustrating thing whenever I see a regular doctor in the traditional medical system. That was encouraging and refreshing to see.

Helped me connect the dots to the pain

5-starsMarch 19, 2024 by Georgette

In Dr. Feldman I found someone to spend time with and problem solve in a creative innovative way to help me connect the dots to the pain I have been experiencing. I was not looking for just symptom relief, but open to understanding what is going on; rather than accepting/following the narrow viewpoint medical school teaches. Of course I want pain relief; but am willing to look outside the medical establishment’s narrow viewpoint and willing to experience other options in the form of CranioSacral Therapy, the Feldenkrais Method or Nutrition Response Testing. I’m open to considering other options that are non-invasive, more effective than what I have experienced thus far in western medicine and solutions that “do no harm”. Through Dr. Feldman I was able to explore a different path to explain what is going on with me, one that got to the root cause on a deeper level-emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Re-training the body and mind to move properly

5-starsFebruary 1, 2024 by S.G.

Dr. Feldman helped me learn about my body and learn how it’s supposed to move. We’re all used to isolating movements, like when we go to the gym or the physical therapist. What we’re not used to doing is integrating our movements together. And not integrating movement is what’s causing most of the pain and aches. Most people don’t understand how to properly move their body and they haven’t for years. And years of improper movements and positioning of the body is what’s causing these aches and pains, which they’re trying to fix in the wrong way. Re-training the body and mind to move properly is what is needed. When you move properly, you don’t over-stress any part of the body and it functions better. All these things are great – yoga, exercise, chiropractic – but what Dr. Feldman is going to teach you is only going to make those things more valuable to you.

Highly attuned, more aware and sensitive to physical problems

5-starsApril 10, 2024 by Marilia

Dr. Feldman is highly attuned, more aware and sensitive to the physical problems that the patient has, but he also works to bring awareness to the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your issues as well; in a way that allows you to get in touch with yourself, process trauma and let go, leading you towards improvement and resolution. This is radically different form current medicine. It helps to get to the core issues that way, rather than just treating a symptom superficially.

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