Have you had a Concussion?

A car accident, a sports injury or a blow to the head?
And you still can’t think straight or are exhausted?

Are you experiencing…

Chronic and debilitating headaches and migraines
Constant neck and shoulder pain
Difficulty concentrating
Dizziness or balance issues

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People who work with me see substantial results in a relatively short amount of time.

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Relief from Post-concussion Syndrome, Anxiety and Fear

5-starsApril 25, 2014 by Gary V.

My personal experience with Dr. Feldman has been very good. I came in to be treated for post-concussion syndrome (headaches, dizziness, trouble with memory and concentration). After nearly a year and a half of trying all other methods of reducing my headaches (medication, IV treatment, Botox injections, “rest”), Dr. Feldman’s Craniosacral therapy was the only thing that created a significant improvement.
I am also being treated for anxiety and fear related to my original accident. When I first came to see him, I was too afraid too let anyone come near my head, let alone touch it. I was too afraid to step outside my own house and could not sit in the car without triggering a headache. All of these fears have been mitigated significantly through this treatment. I feel myself returning slowly back to the things I used to enjoy without feeling like I’m forcing myself.
I can also say that Dr. Feldman truly cares about his patients. He really wants the best for his patients and wants to see them get better and at their best.

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Perfect For Treating Concussion-Related Injury

5-starsFeb 13, 2019 by Andre

I have suffered from two concussions. Within the first few visits with Dr. Feldman, I notice that my symptoms (including headaches) are much less severe and I am able to get back to school. I have recovered more quickly with his treatment and highly recommend it to anyone suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

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5-starsNov 30, 2015 by Carmita B.

I am so glad a friend helped me to find Dr. Feldman. For many years I was experiencing headaches, almost on a daily basis. I also was having back, shoulders and neck pain. I was taking pills every day for the headache and prescription medication for migraine. Since I began the treatment with Dr. Feldman, my headaches are almost complete gone. I feel great relief and I am more active, with no more pain. Even my kids keep telling me that I look more aware and happier. Of course I am happier…NO MORE PAIN.

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My passion is sincere, because I went through it

I was out of it for 10 years, and I don’t want anyone to suffer as long as I did. This story is about how I found healing, and how this same healing is available to you, no matter what kind of pain you are experiencing.

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