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The Digital Disconnect

In our increasingly digitized, smartphone world, more than ever “it’s time to smell the roses.” Yet, we rarely look around us. Rarely take in our environment or even worse don’t […]

Thinking with Your Hands

What’s the difference between a successful chiropractor (chiropractic adjustment) and one that is not? A seasoned and wise practitioner is able to apply their experience, years of practice and some […]

Observation: Feldenkrais in Action

In bending down to pick up a piece of paper, Steve couldn’t organize his lower back in bending; so he would lean into a nearby table with his left hand, […]

Winter Snow Shoveling

I hope you are staying safe in this weather. But here we are in the middle of an ice storm. And I don’t know about you, but I am sore […]

Your Nervous System Knows How to Organize You

Your Nervous System knows how to organize you. In a way that is positive and life sustaining. But sometimes, when we encounter an overwhelming situation; a trauma; a car accident, […]

Video Series: Early Trauma, Safety, Embodiment, Self-trust and Pleasure

Dr. Edward Feldman with Candia Raquel on the Sensual Sessions Podcast. Feldman Wellness CenterAverage rating:   0 reviews

The most cogent explanations of the Feldenkrais Method that I have ever encountered

“If you had to describe what I did for you, to someone that doesn’t know me, how would you describe it?” This was the question for my clients at the […]

Slowing Down and Coming Back to Oneself

Does this sound like you? Running around non-stop for 8 hours. Multi-tasking. Still feeling “on”, going full tilt; until you realize you can’t feel yourself. It happened to me. I […]


That is the key in doing Art, in doing Feldenkrais or Craniosacral work…anything really. How closely the practitioner can observe what is going on. Whether it be a pattern in […]


Homeostasis literally means to come back into balance. That is the role of the Nervous System, if left alone. When we get below our conscious “doing” and our habits and […]

Everything, Everywhere,  All at Once

Yesterday’s session with Lois: Lois came in because she has a very bad left hip which is complicating her right hip. She had a left hip replacement which affected the […]

Wake Up to the Indivisibility of Ourselves

came in very stiff and has had a hip and opposite knee replacement. She has a lot of inflammation throughout her body and so she feels it acutely in her […]

Restoration Back to Health After a Concussion

It was just before Christmas Eve and I was on my way to the movie theatre to see Avatar, James Cameron’s new movie. While walking through an unfamiliar underground parking […]

The Breath of Life

“Within that Cerebrospinal Fluid there is an invisible element that I refer to as the ‘Breath of Life.’ I want you to visualize this Breath of Life as a Fluid […]

Reflections on Drawing and Moving: Being in Contact with Oneself

Moving with Awareness, Attention and Kindness to ourselves (The Feldenkrais Method), allows us to sense differences, to know what we are doing and therefore makes it easier to move. It’s […]

October 15, 2022: Dr. Feldman Attended the Unyte “Safe & Sound” Summit

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a powerful auditory intervention that retunes the Nervous System and stimulates the Vagus Nerve (which is responsible for 80% of sensory information from […]

October 1, 2022: Dr. Feldman Presented at the Annual Feldenkrais Guild on the topic of Polyvagal Theory & the Feldenkrais Method

Dysregulation of the Nervous System can start early in Life as a result of chronic misattunement, neglect or abuse. Being in a defensive and protected state, it may be harder […]

Undifferentiated: Feldenkrais for Disc Bulging and Herniations

Nick (pseudonym) came to see me for longstanding LBP. HIs MRI had revealed multiple herniated discs, stenosis and degeneration in his lower Lumbar vertebrae. He presented with a flexed (rounded) […]

The Invisible Puppeteer

Joe, a 60 year old stockbroker came to see me after a long absence away. He complained of low back and knee pain and although his lower back had improved […]

Chiropractic Works – A Drugless Profession

Here’s me: I’m driving to my chiropractor, an excellent Activator Method (Advanced Proficiency Rated) practitioner, feeling miserable. I can’t keep my eyes open from having had a very interrupted sleep […]

Polyvagal Theory

“Neuroception”, as defined by Stephen Porges, Ph.D. describes whether stimuli are safe or dangerous in our environment. If we grow up with Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E.) for instance, abuse or neglect […]

A Tale of Three Tables

Terry returned a week later feeling substantially better in her shoulders and less pressure in her head. But her neck was still bothering her a lot. Intuitively, I grasped that […]

The Body is Dynamic and Needs to be Treated Accordingly

Terry is a highly energetic young mother of a highly active 5 year old. She is married and has a fairly high stress job. She is the quintessential go getter […]

Reorganizing and Integrating After a Car Accident

Whack, Crack, Thwap. A collision of cars. A head on crash. It took me back to my own car accident 50 years ago. The scene gave me a moderate shock. […]

The Feet Have the Last Word!

I have been having feet trouble on and off for approximately 12 weeks. At times it was so painful, it felt like I was walking on shards of glass. I […]

Effects of the Pandemic

An old patient of mine who I hadn’t seen in two years, came in today for a session. Jeri complained of a lot of the same “effects” that the Pandemic has […]

I Am a Movement Educator

The following is a description of a Feldenkrais lesson working with the extensors. Today I worked with Terry who, while lying on her stomach, habitually kept pressing her right hip to […]

The Source of Pain is Often Far from the Area of Perceived Pain

Teri came to see me today. This was her 9th visit, following a snowmobile incident in January of this year. What had started out as acute pain in her hip […]

My Experience with Plant Medicine

The culmination of a lifelong quest to know myself better, I was drawn to beautiful Costa Rica and a high-end resort that offered journeys with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. For […]

Slips & Falls: I’ll Take Your Call

With icy roads and walkways, it’s easy to slip, fall and throw out your back. Or how about snowboarding or snowmobiling with your kids and taking a bad fall? Whether […]

What is Mastery?

What is Mastery? Knowing what you’re doing. It took me 40+ years to finally arrive at that place, “where I know what I’m doing, so I can do what I […]

Safe, Specific and Painless Chiropractic

Have you ever been to a chiropractor who did a perfunctory adjustment and you felt the same after you left. Who does the same adjustment every time you come in? […]

Integrated Approach to Restore Health

Larry’s wife initially called me to see if I could help her husband who had sustained a rash of Concussions, and didn’t seem to be getting better. Larry came to […]

“Head”ed in the Right Direction

In the summer of 2020, I was diagnosed with a concussion. I started physical therapy at the recommendation of my primary physician, but also remembered having done some Craniosacral Therapy […]

“Finally a structured approach to help me understand good nutrition and incorporate it into my daily life.”

Denise came to see me three months ago for hip pain that migrated down to her right foot. She reported she felt twisted a lot of the time. An administrator at an […]

The trifecta of Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy and traditional Chiropractic are powerful tools creating results beyond expectations

By the time I met Dr. Feldman in March 2020, I had resigned myself to a life of pain. My once-in-a-while neck and shoulder aches had progressed over 20 years […]

The Feldenkrais Method for Stroke Rehabilitation

Hope is a 72 year old female who suffered a brain bleed and stroke four years ago. There was spasticity and general weakness of the right side arm and leg. […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Eating

Avoid sugar & inflammatory foods – processed foods that turn to sugar immediately, like wheat, corn, white sugar and dairy. Eat whole grains and starchy vegetables – faux grains vs […]

Pleasure is Not Happiness

I am excited to share an amazing book that will blow your mind – “The Hacking of the American Mind” by Robert Lustig, M.D. The gist of it is that […]

What Makes A Successful Lesson

Recently in working with one of my older clients (he’s 87 years old but still very sharp mentally) I noticed what goes into a lesson. It’s not the actual movements […]

Comorbidities and their Contribution to Those Dying from the Virus

Many thanks to Bill Maher… For articulating what I have been thinking and feeling for some time now. That the response to the Pandemic here in the United States has […]

Resilient Breathing for Calming the Fearful Mind

Our Nervous System can get turned on in times of stress and stay in a state of prolonged activation. We may feel anxious, tense, unable to sleep and our digestion […]

Centering and Grounding in These Uncertain Times

Centering has to do with the human skill of being in Contact with oneself. We want to sense ourselves from within and cultivate mindfullness, so we can be resilient and make […]

The Best Defense is a Strong Functioning Immune System

The best defense against Pandemic Panic, as I call it, is to have a strong and resilient Immune System. Yes, certainly you should not go out if you are feeling […]

Influencing an Enormous Cultural and Paradigm Shift

I’m teaching people to feel themselves from the inside out. So that… They have ownership and control of their bodies, by being connected to themselves – to their own internal […]

Posture & Pain

Sam is a stocky 87-year-old man, who complains of a heavy head and painful tight shoulders. Like many folks his age, his forward head stance and slumped upper back reflects […]

A Minor Miracle: Healing with the Activator Method

After a routine visit with one of my patients, her mother who had accompanied her was complaining that she couldn’t hear out of her right ear. This had been going […]

Lengthening the Hamstrings: The Problem is Not Always Where You Perceive It

Trevor came in complaining of tight and shortened hamstrings. Although in otherwise excellent shape, he couldn’t bend down to touch his toes easily. What he discovered was that the hamstrings […]

Dramatic change in hamstring length in 2 minutes with The Feldenkrais Method

What About Our Feet

Sam came to see me complaining of stiffness and pain in his lower back. An MRI had revealed disc herniation, stenosis and degeneration of the lower spinal vertebrae. More importantly […]

Static vs Dynamic: Becoming a Movement Detective

Carly is a 40 year old mother of two. Although active and accomplished at work, she’s been suffering from hip and back pain for eight years and is unable to […]

It’s All in the Ribs

Jennifer came to see me complaining of wrist, arm, and shoulder pain/impingement. She’s a designer and works a lot on the computer, not to mention managing two young boys, cooking, […]

Movement to Transform Awareness, Awareness to Transform Movement

Steve (name changed for privacy) is a 50 year old successful businessman who came in complaining of being stiff, and not limber. He stated that he has constant pain, but […]

Using Feldenkrais in Conjunction with Physical Therapy for Knee Injuries

In trying to heal from a medial knee meniscus injury, I went to a physical therapist who recommended 4 exercises to strengthen specific muscles around the hips and core. While […]

The Body Has Everything It Needs to Heal from Within

As I discussed in my last post, the body has everything it needs to heal from within. When you bring the body back into homeostasis, you allow the cells to […]

Nothing to Lose: Healing from Within

A recent edition of PBS NewsHour about Jane Fonda taking herself to the streets to protest climate change and getting arrested at 81 years old, was so inspiring. When asked […]

How Complimentary Therapies Enhance your Current Treatments and Your Quality of Life

Even after extensive treatment, millions of Americans still suffer from chronic, relentless pain that greatly diminishes the quality of their lives. Beyond the common and conventionally prescribed pain and drug […]

A job done right is priceless.

A  year ago, I decided to invest in restoring, more like saving my backyard pond and waterfall. Repeated visits by landscapers who had contributed to the problem were to no […]

When the Life Force Leaves the Body

Did you ever wonder what is this mystical term people refer to as life force, chi or prana? The Life Force that animates us. That directs us. Well I had […]

Get The Results You’ve Been Searching For

Treating Concussions with Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

By Edward Feldman, DC Recently in my practice, I have seen a spate of concussions in kids due to contact with other kids, just playing tag or engaged in sports. […]

I am passionate about staying connected!

Gut health is essential to your overall health!

Nutrition Seminar

Everything is Connected

The image of the Vitruvian Man depicts the “five lines”, which was part of a Feldenkrais lesson I taught today. In fact this image adorns the cover of Moshe’s book […]

Advanced Nutrition Response Testing®.

The barrier to healing!

Flexibility: Stretching vs. The Feldenkrais Method

In order to be more flexible we are told we need to stretch. Unfortunately, stretching elicits the “stretch reflex”. Meaning a strong contraction follows stretching as muscles automatically tighten up […]

Another five-star review! We are so happy that we could get you on the road to wellness!

The Feldenkrais Method: Moving with Attention

What makes the Feldenkrais Method unique is that is makes you pay attention to the whole body as you are moving. By moving with attention, and being aware of multiple […]

What does a session at Feldman Wellness look like? Check it out now!

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Lisa is experiencing the amazing results of The Feldenkrais Method!

One of the greatest feelings is seeing my patients happy and comfortable!

Another happy patient that is experiencing the amazing results of #FeldmanWellness!

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What is the importance of #Stretching?



The Feldenkrais Method

Lisa Rein’s Washington Post article on The Feldenkrais Method is featured on the cover of the New Jersey paper The Star-Ledger

Sunday, October 21, 2018: The Feldenkrais Method was featured as the cover story of The Star-Ledger in an article titled “Believe it or not, doing eye exercises can help relieve […]

Who Can Benefit from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing art that works with the energies that create and maintain health in the human system. While not a manipulative therapy, it has its roots […]

Dr. Feldman presents at 2018 BCTA/NA 20th Anniversary Celebration Breath of Life Conference

Dr. Feldman presents at the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA) 20th Anniversary Celebration Breath of Life Biennial Conference, September 2018. “I am here in Reistertown, MD, celebrating […]

Interview with Dr. Edward Feldman about Craniosacral Therapy on “Your Hidden Power” interview

Host Doug Stephan welcomes Dr. Edward Feldman onto the “Your Hidden Power” podcast to discuss a dynamic way to improve your physical and emotional health through CranioSacral Therapy. “CranioSacral Therapy […]

What makes any session with any therapist compelling?

It’s the ability to listen. To be fully present. I wonder why I still go back to therapy after all these years. Because of the nature of this type of […]

A different way to relieve years of back pain – The Washington Post

In this recent article from The Washington Post, admitted sceptic Lisa Rein writes about her experience with Feldenkrais, its history and teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, and how she has used […]

Listening to the Whispers in Your Body

Trungpa Rimpoche, Pema Chodren’s Buddhist teacher, observed in his visit to the United States that “Most people don’t feel themselves properly.” This leads to a lot of ‘over-efforting’ in daily […]

Core Strength vs. Efficient Movement for Back Pain

The statistics on back pain are daunting. Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the […]

The Feldenkrais Method: A Whole Body Approach to Movement

Body Awareness in Action The main idea behind the Feldenkrais Method is becoming aware of subconscious tension and holding patterns that make your movements less efficient and actually interfere with […]

Cranial Sacral Therapy Session with Dr. Edward Feldman

Special cranial sacral demo by Dr. Edward Feldman with Sarah Outlaw at the Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey’s.

Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain – The New York Times

Author: JANE E. BRODY Date: OCTOBER 30, 2017 Source: Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain – The New York Times Image Credit: Paul Rogers Excerpt: After two hourlong sessions […]

You know why you’re not getting better.

You know why you’re not getting better. You never get a chance to heal. The world we live in has thrown the balance of the ANS off. Commuting, Work, always […]

Shift into Healing Mode

Imagine you had a switch in your body, that if activated, could right your digestion, improve your sleep, cognition, mood and heart rate. That switch is the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). […]

The Missing Factor

Why do some patients get well sooner and are completely out of pain more easily that others? What is the missing piece? Some might say it’s Nutrition, others exercise, and […]

What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees – The New York Times

Author: JANE E. BRODY Date: JULY 3, 2017 Source: What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees – The New York Times Image Credit: Paul Rogers Excerpt: Many of the […]

The Efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method with Professor Milton Cohen

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Rheumatologist, and Professor Milton Cohen discussing the efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Margaret Kaye.

Aging and It’s Effects on the Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic nervous system’s two parts – the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nervous systems have the task of independently, ie. without us having to think about it, controlling close to […]

External vs Internal Approach

Many people hold on to old beliefs or habits of care and healing. Many won’t even consider a new approach until they are faced with a crisis, an unexpected illness […]

Awareness Heals

A patient came in complaining of pain in her left foot, stemming from a tear in posterior tibial tendon in 2014. Rounds and rounds of Physical Therapy and lots of […]

“On Health” by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

“On Health and Dreams”, Feldenkrais always had unique ways of looking at life. Like a Zen master, he had the capacity to radically shake up one’s modes of perception. Take […]

A Mechanistic Way of Thinking vs. Being Self-Aware

Mechanism is the belief that natural, whole living things are like complicated machines, composed of parts lacking any intrinsic relationship to each other. One may see parts or segments unrelated to […]

The Buttocks: Your Strongest Muscles

The gluteal muscles are the strongest muscles in your body. These extensors of the hip allow you to bring your leg back, to push off from your foot and elevate yourself […]

Ignition and Conception: Advanced Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

I recently attended an Advanced Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The topic was Ignition – the energetic process of the sperm meeting the egg at the moment of Conception. This […]

‘Behind the Smile’: Advanced Craniosacral Seminar

Just returned from a four day Advanced Craniosacral seminar with Katherine Ukleja DO, BCST. Entitled ‘Behind the Smile’, it demonstrated a social engagement system grounded within the neurology of the […]

Opt for Feldenkrais Method for Back Pain to Stay Fit and Active

Back pain is one of the most common health problems affecting people all over the world. In USA alone, more than 30% of the population is suffering from some or […]

4 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractic Wellness Center in NJ

Chiropractic care can address many causes of pain in an individual. A thorough examination of the patient can build the foundation for a treatment process that can resolve long-standing issues […]

Stressed out over the holidays? You are not alone.

It’s unfortunate that an occasion that symbolizes peace and joy has become one of the most stressful times of the year for so many people. With expectations in our society […]

Is Dieting Not Working?

Have you tried all the “fad” diets? Are you in the gym regularly and still not getting the results you want? Learn how you can shed those extra pounds, reduce […]

Healthy Eating this Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re here to help you stay on track with your healthy eating this holiday season. Follow these tips to keep a balanced plate and avoid […]

Post Election, many Americans are Stressed and Uncertain

In the wake of the recent election results, it’s easy to be negative. But you don’t need to despair — now more than ever is the time to find a […]

The Brain in Your Belly

Most people are not aware that a major portion of our nervous system is located in our intestines, also know as the ‘enteric nervous system’ by doctors or, more commonly, […]

Remember a back problem is a brain problem!

The science is clear that the spine is NOT just a hard protective covering around soft delicate nerve structures with moveable segments and discs in between that allow us to […]

New States of Consciousness for the Self

“When the mind remains within the narrow framework of its present state, expansion and creation are impossible. Meditation therefore requires that the mind take a leap into conceiving of new […]

Self-organizing Intelligence within the Slime Mold

The oscillations of the slime mold convey a self-organizing Intelligence within the slime mold. This is  the same self-organizing Intelligence we employ in Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy. Where we speak of […]

The Drugging of America

Watching the latest round of drug commercials, I was viscerally appalled by what I was seeing and hearing. One side effect after another, each getting worse: depression, fatigue, anxiety, racing […]

I want to share with you an extraordinary cranial session I just had with a client.

This former patient, who I haven’t seen since 2009, called me because he had been experiencing excruciating pain in both jaw joints and his temples since he had four fillings […]

Do you know what a Pedorthist does?

According to Wikipedia: A pedorthist is a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs. They are trained […]

Efficient Movement

The Body is a Collective Entity, Every Part Needs to Do Its Part A recent participant in a Feldenkrais class came in with a very painful knee and a bursitis […]

Winter Immune Challenges

Although winter is known as a time we are most susceptible to getting sick and we often blame the cold weather for this, we may be more to blame than […]

The Social Nervous System, a New Addition to the ANS

Three Parts of the Autonomic Nervous System based on the work of Stephen Porges, PhD.-A PolyVagal Perspective  This article is based on a 4 day Advanced Cranial Workshop I attended […]

Lyme Disease

As many of you know Lyme disease has become very prevalent in our area. It is a very insidious spirochete that buries itself deep into the tissue and frequently mutates, […]

Keeping Ourselves Company

Embodiment in the Present-Compassion for Ourselves As far as pacing we need to put some red flags in our awareness so when a certain behavior starts happening we can know […]

Awareness thru Movement

Awareness thru Movement translates into Awareness Inside Movement-feeling where you effort, feeling the absence of effort.You have choice, you understand the difference. Allowing your skeleton to support you so that […]

Healing the Heart

Opening the constricted heart.Feeling what’s underneath the tight, constricted chest.Feeling the sensations moment to moment.Making space/taking space for me and the other.Re-educating the little one. (Notes from my last Biodynamic […]

When life’s stressors seem to take over, the body’s feeling tones are the key to wholeness

You’re so frozen with fear or grief or some bodily hurt. You can’t function well. You’re not even aware that you’re in fear or grief. You know something is wrong, […]

Gratitude-It Lives in Your Body

“If the only prayer you would say in your life is “thank you” that would suffice.” – Meister EckhartAt this time of the year, itʼs a good idea to focus […]

The Best Kept Secret

It’s Tuesday, and I just got back from Jaclyn’s Feldenkrais Awareness Thru Movement class, and I can’t help thinking why isn’t everybody doing this work? I feel in a totally […]


” Reputation”- After a refreshing visit to the beach and ocean, I stopped off at a local Cafe in Ocean Grove, NJ. The owner mentioned it’s his “reputation” that keeps […]

Unconditional friendship with oneself

I wanted to share this quote from a workshop Pema Chodrin taught at Omega called “Smile at Fear”. It has helped me enormously. I’m paraphrasing. “The biggest obstacle to unconditional […]


After my tutorial in Biodyamic CraniSacral Therapy, Saturday July 23rd, 2011: I am reminded once again, why this work is so powerful; why it holds such a special place in […]

post Feldenkrais lesson

What are the after effects of a Feldenkrais lesson?Take the case of Louise , a 73 year old retired school teacher with chronic right hip pain and sciatica, a head […]

Accessing Resources-Liquid light

We’re at our quarterly Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy training segment, and the exercise is to access our resources to help titrate a pain in the body. To connect to the pain […]

Reflecting on Sitting Workshop

People often ask me what is the difference between Feldenkrais and chiropractic. Or even how is it different from yoga? In a nutshell, in the Feldenkrais Method, we are not […]

Our minds and our bodies

Recently I came across some sound tapes that promised instant enlightenment-the depth of meditation that it would take a serious zen meditator 10 years to achieve….. in a single setting.The […]