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Feldman Wellness Center
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by Debbie on Feldman Wellness Center
Within a week I felt FANTASTIC and my acid reflux is gone.

I had been suffering from acid reflux for about 8 to 10 years. I wanted to solve this health problem naturally and kept thinking that tomorrow I will eat the right combination of foods and all will be well. That did not happen. I tried a supplement that was recommended to me by a health food store, but that did not work. I recently visited Dr. Ed Feldman for a nutritional consult and was given supplements and nutritional advice specific to my body and specifically to correct my acid reflux as well. WOW! The first day I already felt better. Within a week I felt FANTASTIC and my acid reflux is gone. I look and feel better than I have in 8 to 10 years. My facial skin, which was constantly red and puffy from inflamed blood vessels (rosacea) and seemed to continually get worse, has cleared up! It seems that the irritation and inflammation that was happening inside my body was showing on my skin. My attitude toward living has changed and I feel youthful again. I did not realize how much this acid reflux was dragging my body down in many different ways. I realize now that I had felt malaise all over due to this condition. I had also gained weight (despite exercising up to two hours per day) and discovered from Dr. Feldman that this is because many of the foods I was eating were not agreeing with me and were causing inflammation in my body. It was easy to modify my diet. I already feel lighter and feel optimistic that I now have the knowledge – and the power – to lose the weight that just would not budge before. I was previously taking many supplements and thought I was doing okay. But I was not taking the correct supplements. The cost of the nutritional advice and supplements from Dr. Feldman will easily pay for itself, as I am now taking fewer supplements but taking the correct ones – the ones that my body specifically needs. I feel so much better that my productivity and happiness has increased. This equates to a better income and a better life. Thank you Dr. Feldman!

by Ken on Feldman Wellness Center
A very careful and thoughtful approach

I started seeing Doctor Feldman for multiple concussions. Issues included neck pain, headaches, lethargy, memory loss. Through his help these are all greatly improved. Dr. Feldman takes a very careful and thoughtful approach to the personal care I have received and I highly recommend him if you've not found help elsewhere.

by Diane Turner Valeri on Feldman Wellness Center

By the time I met Dr Feldman in March 2020, I had resigned myself to a life of pain. My once-in-a-while neck and shoulder aches had progressed over 20 years to a debilitating daily pain. My ability to work as a writer and as a realtor became limited. My decreasing range of motion interfered with my recreational walks and bicycle rides. I had already explored an exhaustive procession of M.D.'s, D.O.'s, Chiropractors, specialists and physical therapy. In addition I had tried complimentary remedies and therapies like acupuncture, spinal injections, electric muscle stimulation, massage, heat and cold therapy, stretches, meditation, braces, medicated patches, soaks, whirlpools and mouth appliances.

My friends said, "So what to you expect at 70 years old?" I thought, "A hell-of-a-lot-more than this!" I cringed as two of my friends experienced long recoveries and disappointing results after invasive back surgery. I wanted to avoid that for sure.

When I heard of the Feldenkrais Method I jumped at the opportunity. This would be my last stop before the recommended protocol of an operation. Fortunately for me on my first appointment with Dr. Feldman, I experienced a marked improvement. I committed to series of appointments with hopeful dedication and skeptical expectations. I had been down this road before. I wasn't expecting miracles.

However after each appointment with Dr. Feldman I experienced some new relief:
• Oh! I can feel my right foot.
• Yiikes! My right hip no longer hurts.
• Hmmm, my jaw isn't sore.
• Wow, my frozen left shoulder moves.
• I can raise my left arm over my head.
• I wake up without a headache.
• I can balance on one foot.
• My lower back doesn't hurt all the time.
• The range of motion in my neck increased. I can turn my neck to the left.
• I can read and write for hours without neck pain
• My right and left shoulders are even. My posture is erect.
• My shoulders are relaxed and no longer rounded forward. My chest is
• My weight is evenly balanced on the soles of my feet. I stand solidly on
the floor.
...and the list goes on on.

I am energized, pain-free and my body shouts"yay!' after each appointment

The beauty of the Feldenkrais training is that the results are permanent. Once my muscle memory discovers how I can move without pain, it remembers. My body moves freely I am eternally grateful Dr, Feldman and his 40 years of perfecting his skills. The trifecta of Feldenkrais, Cranialsacral Therapy and traditional Chiropractic are powerful tools creating results beyond expectations.

I am thrilled to be back to full capacity at work, to be able to write for hours on my computer, to be able to out-walk my 30 year goddaughter and to feel confident on my bike again.

Allowing the body to heal itself with these modalities is nothing less than remarkable!

by Mike S. on Feldman Wellness Center
TMJ Relief with Craniosacral Therapy at Feldman Wellness

I developed cheek and jaw tightness from TMJ. I've had TMJ for over 40 years, but not with the symptoms I was recently experiencing. Dr Feldman performed Craniosacral Therapy to try and alleviate those symptoms. After just 1 session I began to feel immediate relief. After two more visits the symptoms have continued to improve. I would highly recommend Dr Feldman.

by Marie G. on Feldman Wellness Center
I could not believe the difference!

For years my toes have remained pointed up. Even when I’m getting a pedicure, the technician keeps pushing my toes down, but they just pop right back up. Today I told my chiropractor that my feet were in pain after my first week of teaching Pre-K and being on my feet nonstop. He put me on the table he uses for the Feldenkrais Method, worked on my foot for a few minutes and when he finished I looked down and could not believe the difference! After Dr. Feldman finished working on both my feet, all my toes were flat and relaxed! He does AMAZING work!

by Peter S. on Feldman Wellness Center
Highly recommended for anyone with chronic back pain

I had a fantastic appointment with Dr. Feldman. I came in to his office feeling really unwell. I had a lot of pain in my back. He did Craniosacral therapy for an hour and then he did chiropractic work and it alleviated my back pain. After I left his office I felt rejuvenated and my back pain was almost gone. I would highly recommend to anyone with back pain or chronic pain to go to Dr. Feldman because he knows his stuff!

by Marie on Feldman Wellness Center
It is so empowering to know that I have taken control of my health

After being on the SP Cleanse for just 4 days, I am already feeling such dramatic results! My thinking is clearer. I have a sense of well-being. I am peaceful and calm. I am not hungry and all of my cravings have disappeared! I just eat when my body tells me it's time, and even then, I eat or drink just enough to satisfy my need for nutrients. Food is no longer on my mind all day long. I just eat because I know I need to, in order to sustain this wonderful flow of energy. My usual bloated feeling is gone and I've lost 6 pounds! The painful feeling that has been haunting me for months is gone from my cystic breast. I can sense that the inflammation within has diminished tremendously. I intuitively know that my body has begun its healing process. When my 21 days are up, I am determined to maintain this wonderfully, calm mindset by continuing to eat and live this way. It is so empowering to know that I have taken control of my health and I'm nurturing my body as it so deserves! This has become so much more than a cleanse for me. It is a turning point in my life.

by Andre on Feldman Wellness Center
Perfect for treating concussion-related injury

I have suffered from two concussions. Within the first few visits with Dr. Feldman, I notice that my symptoms (including headaches) are much less severe and I am able to get back to school. I have recovered more quickly with his treatment and highly recommend it to anyone suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

by Wendy on Feldman Wellness Center
Dr. Feldman's manual technique is the most effective I have experienced

Dr. Feldman is a gentleman and a very talented professional in the field of chiropractic medicine. His manual technique is the most effective I have experienced. It was on my first visit and his skill in cranial sacral work produced a deep energetic response. It was executed with a very gentle touch but masterful. I wish insurance supported his treatment. It is such a fundamental part of body and mind wellbeing.

by Carolina on Feldman Wellness Center
Dr. Feldman understands what causes pain and gets rid of it

Everyone at some point experiences pain and is forced to go to a doctor, then end up waiting hours only to be seen for five minutes and treated with strong pain medication. If this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Most doctors nowadays help patients mask the pain without treating the source of it. Dr. Feldman’s focus is to understand what causes the pain and how to get rid of it. He takes the time to treat each and every one of his patients, making sure that when you leave his office you are feeling better than when you came in. His understanding and years of experience treating pain make him an expert in knowing what the body needs. Over the months I have been seeing Dr. Feldman, my pain has dramatically decreased and now I am able to work without medication. I feel that I can now enjoy more of life without constantly feeling pain. He treats the body as a whole and focuses on all areas including how nutrition or lack thereof can lead to pain. This became apparent to me once I began changing my diet and noticed how not only did I feel more energized, but my pain subsided. He even helped me with my posture, something I have struggled with almost my entire life. There is still work to be done but I never imagined myself feeling the way I do after being in so much pain a few months ago. Dr. Feldman truly cares about the patient with the end goal of removing the source of the pain.

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