Safe, scientific and low force Chiropractic adjustments using the Activator Method


Safe, scientific, and low force Chiropractic adjustments to remove interference (subluxations) to the Nervous System.

What is Non-Force Chiropractic Manipulation?

Dr. Feldman specializes in gentle and non-force chiropractic manipulation, non-thrusting spinal and extremity manipulation using the Activator Method. These adjustments assist in removing subluxations to the Nervous System. A subluxation is a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems.

What is the Activator Method?

A safe, gentle, effective, approach for anyone from 3 days old to 85 years old. The activator method “is one of the most widely researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trial to support its efficacy.” Dr. Feldman uses the Activator Method adjusting technique that is backed by 23 clinical trials.

Benefits of the Activator Method:

Improves spinal range of motion, quality of life in the elderly, relief from chronic musculoskeletal pain, mobility, emotional well-being, clinical effectiveness of A.M. instrument in management of neuromuscular disorders, temporomandibular dysfunction, minimal impact on body.

Conditions Activator Method Can Treat:

This treatment option helps conditions such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, TMD, orthopedic pain, stiffness, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder and more.

Dr. Arlan Fuhr-Co-Founder and Inventor of the Activator Method

Gentle Chiropractic - Activator Adjusting

“Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being & not merely the absense of disease.” — Dr. Andrija Stampar, founder of WHA

How is Dr. Feldman’s method different?

  • Resolves long standing complaints in a relatively short amount of time with lasting results.
  • Work deeper to get to the root of the problem, rather than just removing symptoms.
  • Low force, non-invasive, safe, scientific, effective.
  • Used in conjunction with the Feldenkrais Method and CranioSacral Therapy, so adjustments tend to hold and last longer.

Get results for problems that haven’t been solved elsewhere.

nothing short of a miracle

5-starsJul 07, 2014 by Joseph K

As an eighteen year old diagnosed with Temporomandibular Disorder, I have been searching for some way to relieve the pain in my jaw and neck for the past three years. After countless failed attempts at relief, I had one session at Feldman Chiropractic and immediately felt great relief. It was shocking how much of a change I felt after just a single one hour session; the pain in my jaw subsided, the aching in my neck dissipated, and my headaches went away. I have had seven sessions now and it is truly amazing how much better I feel. What Feldman Chiropractic has done for me is nothing short of a miracle.

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