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Doing a lesson can be daunting. Complaints from where to begin to what to do next are common. What you need is a deeper relationship with your client that begins with your own inner contact. Here we’ll work together in FI and share direct feedback on the quality of touch and intention that will advance your skills.

We’re going to learn to sense and feel
through refining the feedback loop with each other…

In other words, how are you relating to the other, such that the client’s Nervous System leads you where to go. When the practitioner is centered and present within herself, and is moving with ease, then you can connect to the other person in a way that their system unravels. There’s a flow to it, you’re dancing! It’s out of that place of connection, the joining of the two Nervous Systems that change happens. Out of your perception, organization and presence, learning can unfold in the other.

Moshe wasn’t teaching the Feldenkrais Method®; he was teaching you to be you.

Establishing an interconnected Loop between practitioner and client-allows you to sense what the client needs, how they move easiest, their bias. Sublimal information is passed back and forth in this conjoined relational field. In this kind of resonant field, one senses the nature of the other, and of their unfolding process.

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I wish I had started mentoring a lot sooner.

5-starsLinda Adler

I wish I had started mentoring a lot sooner. After being introduced to the fundamentals, I wasn’t clear. The work is so elusive that I always had questions. My questions are not your questions. Working with Dr. Feldman was good for me because his attention was focused on my needs. While we worked, he gave ongoing feedback about what I was doing and making me redo until I could feel the difference. I could feel how it should feel. My timing and touch improved but, most valuable, was that he made me think through and explain what I was doing and why. So, it becomes not a memorized performance but a reasoning and understanding of the individuals needs. It is never too soon to start mentoring. It builds understanding and confidence

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