Pain Free Neck

Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method

Sunday, November 3, 1:00-2:30pm

Are you noticing excessive stress on your neck when you do movements like get up from a chair, walk, reach for a shelf, or work at a computer? Neck pain often persists when these whole-body connections remain unaddressed.

You will learn customized movement sequences that help improve mobility and relieve pain in the neck. You will teach your body to become unstuck in habitual patterns, which can eventually lead to chronic pain, especially in your neck.

Feldenkrais and Yoga support one another and when practiced together, they offer a broader way of experiencing and understanding yourself. Change your habits in the way you move by rewiring neural pathways to move more fluidly and with more ease.

Find Your Fountain of Youth!

$35 each

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Limited to only 10 participants.
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“The purpose of Feldenkrais work is to allow you to do whatever you do better. As a complement to your yoga practice, Feldenkrais can help your  body to understand the range of actions possible in an asana, so you can move more deeply into poses you find difficult.”

~ Jane Diehl, Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Teacher
Redondo Beach, CA