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July 12, 2016
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September 15, 2016

I want to share with you an extraordinary cranial session I just had with a client.

This former patient, who I haven’t seen since 2009, called me because he had been experiencing excruciating pain in both jaw joints and his temples since he had four fillings filled in the same day last Friday. This coupled with being out in the sun too long over the weekend, plus an extraordinarily noisy Indian wedding he attended with his wife on Sunday, sent him over the edge. Since then, he also had been experiencing left frontal pain in his head and confusion as well as the pain in his face and jaw.

As he said:  ”As if I had a concussion”.

As we approached the session I helped him settle by finding a Resource for him to augment and support his Nervous System dropping down and settling. He chose a very pleasant memory of scuba diving with his father as a boy in the bluish green waters off the Indian sea in a coral reef. As his body started to express a sense of Wholeness, I moved up to place my hands on his chest, as I felt drawn to a sense of Inertia there and he noted it too had been bothering him.

Next I moved to the base of his neck, and immediately could feel his whole neck and shoulder region start to reorganize. By that I mean I sensed swirling movements as his neck vertebrae sought to come into alignment. And all of the soft tissue rearranging itself in this fluid medium we were working in. From there I moved to his head and adopting a vault hold, could feel his entire face and jaw and head began to re-organize. In other words, there was an array of sensations as his body sought to normalize itself from the trauma of the dental intervention.

I asked him, what he was feeling; he said “There’s something going on, but I don’t know what it is.” Almost identical to the words from a Bob Dylan song that spoke to the strangeness and poetry of what was going on in his Central Nervous System. As I continued to stay at his head, I felt it was as if he had just gotten off a and all of his head and face were vibrating and moving. Vibrating in swirls of movement as his body sought to recover and reorganize itself from the harsh effects of having experienced deep dental work in a very short time-four fillings in just 50 minutes.

When he got up, he experienced a sense of wellness and relief that was palpable. He appeared taller, and said he felt amazing, amazingly well.

As he said; “He didn’t realize how bad he had been feeling up to now.”

He smiled and said he would call me for a follow up appointment; needing time to digest what happened.

What did happen?

I believe all of the structures in the area of the neck and face and head and jaw were compromised and had become inertial (immoveable) from the very concentrated dental work he experienced;  which focused on a small very specific area in the upper jaw on both sides.

As a result of the total exclusion of working on just those two areas, the rest of his body began to suffer.

Soft tissue including connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, intracranial and spinal membranes and bone became inertial and traumatized due to the forces exerted on his Nervous System, which his body couldn’t digest.

It demonstrates to me the remarkable self healing and self correcting capacity of the body to reorganize itself after trauma. For me it was a joy ride. Rather than feeling tired and drained after a 75 minute session, I felt energetic and centered, as if I had just been the recipient.

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