Restoration Back to Health After a Concussion
January 3, 2023
Everything, Everywhere,  All at Once
June 15, 2023

Wake Up to the Indivisibility of Ourselves

came in very stiff and has had a hip and opposite knee replacement. She has a lot of inflammation throughout her body and so she feels it acutely in her joints and has trouble walking.

The session flowed like a Cat and Mouse. Me following her movements, her ability to move or not, and then her following me. It’s me making very minute movements so that her brain can discern and make sensory discriminations. So that she can let go of habitual holding patterns and begin to move in a new way; seizing on moments of discrimination with sensory motor learning.

The next day Lydia reported that she slept well, a rarity for her; and that she felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Mechanism is the belief that humans are like complicated machines, composed of parts lacking any intrinsic relationship to each other. We don’t see or feel ourselves as whole (acting in an Integrated way) but as parts or segments. So when we see another practitioner, we are seen from the outside as parts unrelated to each other or to the whole.

But when we ourselves wake up to the indivisibility of ourselves; we feel ourselves from the inside; aware of our sensations and feelings as they relate to our movements and intentions.

To view a body from the outside is a third person view; one sees a “he” or “she”. But when the patients views herself form the inside, she feels herself with Awareness; becoming aware of her sensations as she is moving.

Medical personnel (pain doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.) see from a third person view; determined by blood work and x-rays and other analytical means. You might as well be a mannequin, statue or machine.

When the person on the table senses herself from an internal space as Lydia did, she becomes a “living body”.

This living, self sensing, internalized perception is radically different form the externalized perception with which we viewed our body; that can be fixed or altered by chemical or surgical or physical manipulation.

The uniqueness of human beings is that we are self-sensing, self-organizing and self correcting.

People have the capacity for enormous changes provided they attend to themselves as they move.

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