External vs Internal Approach
May 27, 2017
The Efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method with Professor Milton Cohen
May 29, 2017

Aging and It’s Effects on the Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic nervous system’s two parts – the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nervous systems have the task of independently, ie. without us having to think about it, controlling close to 100% of the body’s processes. The Parasympathetic nervous system regulates growth, healing and maintenance. It ensures that food is broken down by the addition of enzymes, that insulin is produced and that the liver takes care of toxins, etc. (http://renxueeurope.org/renxue/stress.html)

The Sympathetic nervous system is intended to quickly intervene when our survival is threatened and we need to escape or defend ourselves. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, blood is redirected into the muscles and the normal body processes like digestion and purification within the liver etc are turned off. The immune system whose purpose it is to fight viruses, bacteria or destroy abnormal cells is also turned off because it consumes a lot of energy. (http://renxueeurope.org/renxue/stress.html)

If the Sympathetic nervous system is activated too often and for too long, it causes damage to the body’s internal organs and systems. The reason is that under stress, our cells are closed; they neither get nourishment nor oxygen, nor can they eliminate toxins and waste products including viruses and bacteria. This results in the body slowly breaking down leading to anxiety and concern over the declining health. (http://renxueeurope.org/renxue/stress.html)


As we age, Oxidative stress occurs because there is an imbalance between the over abundance of free radicals formed from poor diet, stress and chemical toxins and our body’s ability to detoxify and repair the resulting damage.

Many factors like stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and poor sleep habits can cause your Sympathetic nervous system to be ‘stuck’ in the ‘on position’.

Through CranioSacral Therapy, the Feldenkrais Method, and Nutritional Response Testing, we can help remove these stress factors, hit the ‘off switch’ on the Sympathetic nervous system, and restore optimum function to your Parasympathetic nervous systems. Then your body’s own unique intelligence can guide you back to Health.

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