Awareness Heals
May 16, 2017
Aging and It’s Effects on the Autonomic Nervous System
May 28, 2017

External vs Internal Approach

Many people hold on to old beliefs or habits of care and healing. Many won’t even consider a new approach until they are faced with a crisis, an unexpected illness or a chronic illness from which they see no recovery. However when we open to new possibilities, beyond our scope of experience, and realize that we have the power to affect how our body operates; we can make a shift of looking outside ourselves to looking inside for healing.

Most people don’t trust their body, and therefore they immediately seek outside help from doctors. Of course if I broke a bone or had a raging infection or a diagnosis of a serious disease, I would seek immediate medical help. But for more functional problems that account for 80% of routine doctor’s office visits, another paradigm is possible.

When you learn to trust your own sensations (senses), a deeper part of you kicks in to help with healing. For some this shift is a learning process, slow and deliberate, like learning a new language. For others it’s a palpable click, like waking up in the middle of the night with the answer to a problem you have been working on all day. It’s a sense of making deep contact with your core.

At Feldman Wellness Center, we help you gain access to the deeper body Intelligence at work beyond your conscious mind; that knows what to do and can guide you back to Health. Dr. Feldman helps you to trust your own body and in the sensations and feelings you experience, empowering you to resolve chronic health condition that have been plaguing you, enabling you to take control of your life.


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