September 20, 2011
Gratitude-It Lives in Your Body
December 6, 2011

The Best Kept Secret

It’s Tuesday, and I just got back from Jaclyn’s Feldenkrais Awareness Thru Movement class, and I can’t help thinking why isn’t everybody doing this work? I feel in a totally different space than when I arrived for the class. I feel open, relaxed, and my perspective has been enlarged. Another words I feel at ease with myself physically, mentally and emotionally. So simple, so elegant; learning to move in an easy integrated way, so there’s no strain anywhere in the body. My mind relaxes in accord with my body. My fellow classmate and I are talking on the way out. She says nobody knows about this work. How is that possible? Anyway I want to inform you about the best kept secret in the Universe. By learning to sense and feel what is going on in your body and paying attention as you move; tense muscles let go, aches and pains recede and movement enlarges. Like Magic! I get up feeling lighter, smiling, liking myself more. Try it-you’ll be hooked.

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