Unconditional friendship with oneself
September 9, 2011
The Best Kept Secret
October 11, 2011


” Reputation”-
After a refreshing visit to the beach and ocean, I stopped off at a local Cafe in Ocean Grove, NJ. The owner mentioned it’s his “reputation” that keeps customers coming back. And keeps him busy throughout the year.
It’s “the fresh roasted coffee”, he said. Just look at the date the coffee was roasted the next time you buy coffee, to see how fresh it is . That’s the difference in taste. That’s what brings out it’s vim and vigor. Same for his baked goods-freshly baked.
I thought about that word “Reputation” a few minutes and what it means.
At FeldmanChiropractic we take pride in our long term results with patients. We bring ourselves to the session without any preconceived ideas, trying to see what is needed in this particular situation.
Exploring with them freshly each session, not repeating well worn techniques.
It’s similar to the freshness of the cafe owner’s coffee. We bring awareness and unbiased attention and that makes for powerful results with our clients.
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