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February 8, 2022
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May 31, 2022

Chiropractic Works – A Drugless Profession

Here’s me: I’m driving to my chiropractor, an excellent Activator Method (Advanced Proficiency Rated) practitioner, feeling miserable. I can’t keep my eyes open from having had a very interrupted sleep last night.

My lower back is hurting – the remnants of a fall this past past winter on black ice. My hand is bothering me and has all the earmarks of carpal tunnel, which my friend just had surgery for. My left heel that has been a problem for months is acting up again, and I am afraid to go for a walk with friends.

In general I am irritable and not in a very good mood.

Oh yeah, I mention to my Chiropractor, that I don’t like the medication I am taking to combat an enlarged prostate; and the associated frequent urination at night, which is affecting my sleep.

I feel very discouraged about the aging process.

Sound familiar? To anyone over the age of 60, having an assortment of aches, pains and systemic issues is NORMAL and the reason to be on an assortment of medications.

To my surprise (actually why am I surprised?) I feel remarkably better as I leave her office. There is a lightness to my Being and I am in a good mood.

It makes sense why so many people are crabby and irritable when they’re in pain; their Nervous System is completely dis-regulated.

Because of all the specific chiropractic adjustments to my lower leg bones, feet, pelvis, hips, knees and lower back; I’m feeling more grounded and centered. I am also able to turn my head easier due to specific adjustments to my shoulder blades, shoulder joint and associated muscles in my upper spine and neck.

My lower back is no longer tight or twinging in pain. I am no longer tired.The exact adjustments to the nerves going to my kidneys and bladder, leave me feeling open and spacious, instead of crimped and cramped internally.

As I enter Whole Foods Market to get something to eat, I notice my feet reach deep into the earth, as if my legs lengthened about two inches into the ground.

Activator Method is a highly specific, safe, rational approach to Chiropractic adjusting. It’s specificity and comprehensiveness is unparalleled, especially its thorough analysis and ability to give multiple specific adjustments to the extremities – hips, shoulder, knees, and feet.

Shout out again to my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Pam Levy who like myself has taken the time to master this Method.

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