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October 5, 2018
Dr. Feldman presents at 2018 BCTA/NA 20th Anniversary Celebration Breath of Life Conference
October 8, 2018

Interview with Dr. Edward Feldman about Craniosacral Therapy on “Your Hidden Power” interview

Host Doug Stephan welcomes Dr. Edward Feldman onto the “Your Hidden Power” podcast to discuss a dynamic way to improve your physical and emotional health through CranioSacral Therapy.

“CranioSacral Therapy comes from the field of osteopathic medicine, and was developed by Dr. William Sutherland, who saw that the bones of the skull can move. That movement included cerebral spinal fluid in your body which is responsible for the intelligence to govern your cells and tissues and enable the whole body to function. By getting proper distribution of cerebral spinal fluid, you are ensuring your health. This was a dramatic departure from current (chiropractic) manipulation because now a practitioner could work with the inter recesses of the central nervous system which includes the brain, spinal cord, the membranes that cover them and the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the brain.

Furthermore, if you look at a disarticulated skull, one that has been taken about to show all the bones, you will see that the plates of the skull have seated (beveled) edges in the bones which show that they are moveable and not one encased unit. Dr. Sutherland said they were beveled like the gills of a fish for primary respiration. In other words, for movement to occur.

As we are becoming more aware of concussions in the sports world, athletes are looking for treatment options. Besides bedrest, CranioSacral Therapy may be the only other effective treatment for concussions. Dr. Feldman has worked with dozens of concussion patients who have improved significantly from CranioSacral Therapy.”

~ Dr. Feldman

Listen to the full interview below.

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