Back Pain Washington Post
A different way to relieve years of back pain – The Washington Post
October 5, 2018
Interview with Dr. Edward Feldman about Craniosacral Therapy on “Your Hidden Power” interview
October 7, 2018

What makes any session with any therapist compelling?

What makes a good therapist?

It’s the ability to listen.
To be fully present.

I wonder why I still go back to therapy after all these years.
Because of the nature of this type of therapy and the relationship I have with this individual.
He really listens.

In the process, I come back to my core.
I feel grounded.
I feel empowered.
Instead of feeling trapped by my fears; I am able to find a way to move forward that works for me.

That is the model I try to bring into my work with clients.
Giving them more options.
Helping them embody those places of consciousness that have been hard to confront.
So they can feel whole and more resilient.
Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life’s hardships.
And move forward into the flow of Life.

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