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June 24, 2021
The Feet Have the Last Word!
November 23, 2021

Effects of the Pandemic

An old patient of mine who I hadn’t seen in two years, came in today for a session.

Jeri complained of a lot of the same “effects” that the Pandemic has had on a lot of people:

  • Trouble with work, too much Zoom time.
  • Her livelihood was strained and uncertain.
  • Her family life and communications were disrupted.
  • Not being able to get out and ‘touch’ people resulted in a kind of painful anxiety.
  • She missed the input of social interactions.

All this extra stress resulted in a kind of Post Traumatic Stress to her Nervous System.

What she needed was to “ground” herself:

To be able to witness her experience over the past year, without being activated by it.
To come into a “here and now experience” without being charged by it.
To allow her system to “breathe” again.
To re-balance parts of her Nervous System that during the past 16 months, she had been unable to process.

At the end of our work together she said, “she felt like she came into her body again.”
She felt clear about what life decisions to make, and could make sense of the information that was swirling around her brain. There was less fear and more confidence in how to go forward with her life.

She smiled and said goodbye.