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July 22, 2021
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January 4, 2022

The Feet Have the Last Word!

I have been having feet trouble on and off for approximately 12 weeks.

At times it was so painful, it felt like I was walking on shards of glass. I haven’t been able to walk easily or go for walks. At first I thought it was gout, but that got treated and still the foot pain persisted, particularly if I walked any distance.

So I went to see Howard my “Pedorthist” friend, who I have mentioned in a previous blog post.

After listening carefully to my symptoms, he took my shoes and the inserts inside them; and went back in his crafts room where he works his magic. Voila, he came back with totally re-modified inserts.

It seems my flat feet are worse than I thought and I need significant arch support. As I stood up; lo and behold no more pain!

I walked around his waiting area/office and I could feel a much better push off through my metatarsals into my toes. No longer were my metatarsal bones stiff and painful and unable to bend backwards or extend.

I felt the fluidity returning to my body.

As I was driving home I felt my lower belly settle and breathe more. It’s as if my whole physiology had shifted into a more resonant and regulated state.

There was less fear, less gripping throughout my entire body, all the way into my perineum – the place where technically you’re supposed to breathe in order to fully engage the Parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System.

I arrived home and felt more focused, calmer and in a much better mood. That’s what happens when you are properly aligned. It’s true the feet connect to the pelvis and the aligned Skeleton integrates with your Nervous System and the Environment. The whole Nervous System took a deep sigh of relief.

Now I feel encouraged to go on my hiking trip to Bryce and Zion Canyon this Spring, which I had thought I might have to cancel.

Thank you Howard!

It’s true.
Nothing is more precious than your Health


A More Technical Explanation

The bones of the longitudinal arch of the foot.

The neck of the Talus bone had slipped down and was pinching the Navicular bone, as well as affecting the first cuniform. In other words, I had severe fallen arches and extreme pronation of my right foot.

This was causing me to favor the left foot, eventually causing problems to that foot as well. This in turn affected the medial aspect of my right knee, setting that up for increased stress and inflammation.

In turn my right SI joint or sacroiliac joint was getting irritated, continuing up to the lumbar spine, and causing low back pain.

No wonder playing golf was so painful!

Not to mention I had broken my right fibula twice in College, causing a chronic shortening of my right leg.

Uggh! I was a mess.

I realized it wasn’t the fact that I threw lefty and swung a golf club righty that was throwing my back out after playing golf.
Rather it was the misalignment of my skeleton, starting from my feet that was responsible.