Awareness thru Movement
July 12, 2012
Lyme Disease
August 21, 2012

Keeping Ourselves Company

Embodiment in the Present-Compassion for Ourselves

As far as pacing we need to put some red flags in our awareness so when a
certain behavior starts happening we can know oh, I’m going too fast. I
need to slow down and catch back up with myself. The red flag could be
oh I’m starting to get irritable or I’m beginning to feel afraid or
lost. Or I’m losing touch with what is happening around me. If any of
those things start flaring up we can say oh I’m moving too fast and take
steps to slow ourselves back down.

Mindfulness, slowing our breath, grounding physically, checking in with
our young self from adult awareness all bring us back to present time
which is where it is most comfortable to hang out! Also using adult
eyes to look around us and actually see where we are is a very powerful

Beth W. write “Over the last six months doing Feldenkrais and
receiving CranioSacral Therapy, I’ve seen how it’s impacted different
parts of my life. I’m in a weight lifting program, and I feel that I’m
able to do it safely and with more ease because of the way my body is
moving. I’m sitting up straighter in chairs and standing taller without
realizing it; it’s just happening! It feels great. What has surprised me the most is to see that I also feel better emotionally. I feel more “with” myself without effort.
I am deeply grateful to have met Ed, because I’m accustomed to
traveling to New York to find a practitioner with his range of skills. I
can’t say enough about his work and the power it has to change lifelong
patterns of poor habits and emotional and physical stuckness.”

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