August 22, 2023
Slowing Down and Coming Back to Oneself
September 27, 2023


That is the key in doing Art, in doing Feldenkrais or Craniosacral work…anything really.

How closely the practitioner can observe what is going on.

Whether it be a pattern in a patient’s body or drawing a picture (I just finished a pastel drawing of my previous dog, Jackson.)

For example, my patient this morning complained of pain in her left lower back. Medically, that corresponded to the quadratus lumborum (Q.L. muscle) of her lower back.

I did Applied Kinesiology (a chiropractic technique that looks to strengthen the weak muscle instead of targeting the spastic muscle) which helped.

Following that I had her lie down and I held the origin and insertion of the QL on her right side as I performed Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy;  and that part of her back let go and sank into the table.

But it was only when I followed up with the Feldenkrais Method, did that right side of her lower back discover what to do and truly integrate back into the body, so that the QL could resume its function of lateral bending and do it well.

When she stood up, she felt all this blood flow and tingling down the whole right side of her body into her right foot. It was still integrating and processing.

She commented, “in chiropractic they use force and cracking to correct the problem, but you’re doing something different.”

I replied, “I’m observing patterns in the body and applying non-mechanistic thinking to solve the problem in a very short time.”

So if you’re worried about the expense, think in these terms, if you could solve your problem in 1-3, or even 3-6 sessions, how much money would you save over seeing another practitioner, ad nauseam and paying your copay or co-insurance? AND it still wasn’t working in terms of solving the problem!

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