The Feldenkrais Method for Stroke Rehabilitation
The Feldenkrais Method for Stroke Rehabilitation
August 17, 2020
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October 28, 2020

The trifecta of Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy and traditional Chiropractic are powerful tools creating results beyond expectations

The trifecta of Feldenkrais, Cranialsacral Therapy and traditional Chiropractic

By the time I met Dr. Feldman in March 2020, I had resigned myself to a life of pain. My once-in-a-while neck and shoulder aches had progressed over 20 years to a debilitating daily pain. My ability to work as a writer and as a realtor became limited. My decreasing range of motion interfered with my recreational walks and bicycle rides. I had already explored an exhaustive procession of M.D.’s, D.O.’s, Chiropractors, specialists and physical therapy. In addition I had tried complimentary remedies and therapies like acupuncture, spinal injections, electric muscle stimulation, massage, heat and cold therapy, stretches, meditation, braces, medicated patches, soaks, whirlpools and mouth appliances.

My friends said, “So what to you expect at 70 years old?” I thought, “A hell-of-a-lot-more than this!” I cringed as two of my friends experienced long recoveries and disappointing results after invasive back surgery. I wanted to avoid that for sure.

When I heard of the Feldenkrais Method I jumped at the opportunity. This would be my last stop before the recommended protocol of an operation. Fortunately for me on my first appointment with Dr. Feldman, I experienced a marked improvement. I committed to series of appointments with hopeful dedication and skeptical expectations. I had been down this road before. I wasn’t expecting miracles.

However after each appointment with Dr. Feldman I experienced some new relief:
• Oh! I can feel my right foot.
• Yiikes! My right hip no longer hurts.
• Hmmm, my jaw isn’t sore.
• Wow, my frozen left shoulder moves.
• I can raise my left arm over my head.
• I wake up without a headache.
• I can balance on one foot.
• My lower back doesn’t hurt all the time.
• The range of motion in my neck increased. I can turn my neck to the left.
• I can read and write for hours without neck pain
• My right and left shoulders are even. My posture is erect.
• My shoulders are relaxed and no longer rounded forward. My chest is
• My weight is evenly balanced on the soles of my feet. I stand solidly on
the floor.
…and the list goes on on.

I am energized, pain-free and my body shouts”yay!’ after each appointment

The beauty of the Feldenkrais training is that the results are permanent. Once my muscle memory discovers how I can move without pain, it remembers and my body moves freely. I am eternally grateful Dr. Feldman and his 40 years of perfecting his skills. The trifecta of Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy and traditional Chiropractic are powerful tools that have created results beyond expectations.

I am thrilled to be back to full capacity at work, to be able to write for hours on my computer, to be able to out-walk my 30 year god-daughter and to feel confident on my bike again.

Allowing the body to heal itself with these modalities is nothing less than remarkable!

~ Diane Turner Valeri,
Patrick Parker Realty

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