Integrated Approach to Restore Health
November 23, 2020
functional integration
What is Mastery?
January 6, 2021

Safe, Specific and Painless Chiropractic

Have you ever been to a chiropractor who did a perfunctory adjustment and you felt the same after you left. Who does the same adjustment every time you come in? Who you have been going to for months or years for the same condition with little improvement to show for it?

At Feldman Wellness, I use the Advanced Proficiency Activator Method, where there is a rationale as to what to adjust, when to adjust and when NOT to adjust. It’s not pop and pray chiropractic but highly efficient and results oriented Chiropractic for your spine and your extremities – knees, feet and ankles, hips and shoulders.

The proof is in Marília results:

“For the first 24 hours after my knee and ankle adjustments, my ankle was sore and painful when walking and the foot felt like it was landing differently and more completely on the ground. My knee was sore till the next morning and the whole area was adjusting and feeling like it was moving differently.

When walking, my weight and movement moved from the outside to the inside of the leg-different leg muscles were engaged when walking. Two days later my ankle/foot fell well and grounded. My knee felt very good with no discomfort or pain when going down steps. The knee was definitely working differently and better.

Additionally, the way my thigh muscles are working and engaging with my pelvis and hip feel differently, more aligned and stronger. The adjustments were great and made a nice difference to my left side function. Thank you!”

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