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September 27, 2023
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October 31, 2023

The most cogent explanations of the Feldenkrais Method that I have ever encountered

“If you had to describe what I did for you, to someone that doesn’t know me, how would you describe it?”

This was the question for my clients at the beginning of my process with Amy Harrill and her Ascension Program for Mastery, a special way of marketing using Algorithms that FB recognizes to arrive at an Ideal Client that is specifically looking for my services.

Here is a great answer from a client who responded to my query:

“You helped me learn about my body and learn how it’s supposed to move. We’re all used to isolating movements, like when we go to the gym or the physical therapist. What we’re not used to doing is integrating our movements together. And not integrating movement is what’s causing most of the pain and aches.

Most people don’t understand how to properly move their body and they haven’t for years.  And years of improper movements and positioning of the body is what’s causing these aches and pains, which they’re trying to fix in the wrong way.

Re-training the body and mind to move properly is what is needed. When you move properly, you don’t over-stress any part of the body. And it functions better. People who haven’t had lasting success with physical therapy or basic chiropractic have done well temporarily, but when the problem comes back, it rears its head and every [fill in the blank] returns.  This is because they are not addressing the core problem.

Helping you to move properly will fix your core problem. All these things are great – yoga, exercise, chiropractic – but what Dr. Feldman is going to teach you is only going to make those things more valuable to you.” ~ SG

I thought this was one of the most cogent explanations of the Feldenkrais Method and what I do that I have ever encountered and wanted to share it with you.

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