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March 1, 2019
A job done right is priceless.
August 7, 2019

When the Life Force Leaves the Body

When the Life Force Leaves the Body

Did you ever wonder what is this mystical term people refer to as life force, chi or prana?
The Life Force that animates us. That directs us.

Well I had the palpable experience once again of saying good bye to a loved one. My dog Mac had been suffering for weeks, and on Wednesday, he was at a point where I could not see him holding on. I rushed him to the local vet who agreed it was time for him to be euthanized.

As hard as it was, saying goodbye (and believe me, I cried openly, out loud in front of the vet and her technicians), it was harder being with him afterwards.

The vet asked if I wanted a few moments to say goodbye to him before she put him down. I thanked her and cried openly; saying goodbye to my friend, thanking him for his gifts to us and kissing his head many times.

I let her know it was time to come back in the room and proceed.  As I watched, she gave him the anesthesia to finally bring him some peace and end his suffering.

Once again, she left me alone in the room to say goodbye to him. But I realized he wasn’t there anymore. I mean there was his body. But Mac was gone. His Spirit had left.

Sure there was his body, recognizable and more at peace, but this was not my dog. It was a mere shell. The outer casing. The form. But Mac was no longer there.

I left the room quickly after maybe 5-10 seconds, realizing how uncomfortable it felt to be with this body, knowing Mac had left to be in a better place.

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