When the Life Force Leaves the Body
When the Life Force Leaves the Body
April 5, 2019
How Complimentary Therapies Enhance your Current Treatments and Your Quality of Life
August 29, 2019

A job done right is priceless.

A  year ago, I decided to invest in restoring, more like saving my backyard pond and waterfall. Repeated visits by landscapers who had contributed to the problem were to no avail. 

The last person to show up, truly a pond “expert” told me it was impossible to “fix” the pond. The liner had torn away from the rocks and water constantly leaked; pushed the liner to the top of the pond when the waterfall feature behind the pond was turned on. It had to be rebuilt from scratch; at an expense I hadn’t anticipated

The point here is not to talk about ponds and the expense of restoring it to working condition, but to talk about professionalism and “a job done right”.

As I sit by the pond/waterfall on this hot summer day, I am refreshed by the perfectly gurgling stream that empties into the pond at two places. I am overjoyed to be “communing” with my little piece of Nature on a daily basis. I am reminded by what the foreman told me, that minimally cleaning the two filters so that debris; algae, sticks, leaves and stones wouldn’t clog up the filters would insure optimal water flow.

So what does this have to do with my healing work?

I believe that a job done right, no matter the initial sticker shock pays off in the long run.

If i continued to listen the non-professionals; the “experts” who were trained in landscaping but knew nothing of pond restoration; I would still be staring at an ugly stagnant toxic body of water with a pile of rocks stacked up behind it – a so called fountain or water feature. I would be burning money, trying to fix it, but still left with the same problem.

Which brings me back again to what I want to say:

A job done right is priceless.

Its return in pleasure cannot be overstated.

Have you ever considered that a long ago car accident and concussion from 20 years ago is contributing to the migraines and headaches that you suffer from today?

Aren’t you tired of the interminable hip and low back pain; that no amount of pain medication or visits to the physical therapist or chiropractor seems to solve?

How does your funny posture and forward head tilt contribute to your tennis elbow?

I’m saying it took an expert in fixing ponds (and ponds only) to solve my problem. I am offering the same possibility to you-once and for all, definitive Results!!!

Instead of limiting your possibilities of Living down to the narrowest bandwidth, be willing to step into a new a paradigm. With this shift, you can achieve a new Life where you get to do everything you stopped doing because of pain or trauma, and actually relearn to do  those activities with new efficiency and grace.

It’s not that we have to “try” to go further in our movements; we only have to stop the ongoing, useless muscular contractions that are inhibiting our movements.

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