Reflecting on Sitting Workshop
July 2, 2009
post Feldenkrais lesson
December 11, 2009

Accessing Resources-Liquid light

We’re at our quarterly Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy training segment, and the exercise is to access our resources to help titrate a pain in the body. To connect to the pain and stay in the Present at the same time, so as to titrate or lessen the suffering there. The key is resonance, feeling safe between you, as the client and your practitoner. So you can tell them what you need-i.e. her touch is too strong, she’s crowding you with her intention. All in the name of client comfort and ease.

So after we’ve established a good relational field, I drop down and access a resource. What is a resource? A person, place or thing that gives you a sense of ok-ness-that you’re allright just the way you are. So I access my resource-the beach, the ocean and immediately feel supported. A sense of spaciousness and freedom engulfs me and I feel totally free. Good start. So I bring my resource to a place in my body (my diaphragm) and again feel the sense of spaciousness there.

Now I direct my resource to my knee which has been bothering me for several months and still occassionally locks up on me, despite physical therapy and manipulation. I bring this quality of spaciousness to heal my knee. I don’t go in too much or too fast. I don’t want to overwhelm my painful knee. I just bring my expanded sense of spaciousness to touch on this painful knee. And then back off and go back to my diaphragm where the resource resides.

And you know what? It starts to let go, my knee starts to do what it needs to do to resolve the forces that had been placed on it whilst digging holes to put in lots of new shrubs and perennials. I had irritated the medial joint line of the meniscus and it had not integrated into the rest of my body.

I do this repeatedly. Coming up to the edge of my painful knee and then going back to my diaphragm where the spaciousness of the ocean resides. I go back and forth several times and finally I begin to feel a luminosity engulfing my knee. Liquid light ( the cerebrospinal fluid?) penetrating my knee and resolving whatever has ensnared my knee. It’s gone, The painful dark strain of the medial meniscus has been replaced by luminosity. It feels clear of debis.

Finally I visualize/direct my resource to my knee, only my attention goes way down to my left foot. My left foot feels like it is getting longer and longer and is receding further and further away from me.A great sense of lengthening has occurred. I get up to walk around and check it out, and my left leg feels substantially more substantial. I can rely on it and the fear of it locking up and getting further damaged is gone! In fact it feels great.

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