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March 21, 2017
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April 18, 2017

The Buttocks: Your Strongest Muscles

The gluteal muscles are the strongest muscles in your body. These extensors of the hip allow you to bring your leg back, to push off from your foot and elevate yourself when walking. They help to maintain stability and balance; and give us the physical strength and energy to get up from a chair, run, stand, or jump.

These muscles also attach to the pelvis, and are the strongest muscles in the body. That is why the pelvis is sometimes referred to as the “power center” of the body.

In most people the gluteal muscles are weak because they never fully release, so the muscles stay continuously contracted. Because of this, the muscle cannot ontract powerfully when needed.

The solution is not to “strengthen” them in the conventional manner, but by using Awareness, and paying attention, you learn to release them. With the Feldenkrais Method, you begin to learn the proper functioning of these muscles, so you can perform physical demanding tasks, such as a effortless golf swing.

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