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January 13, 2017
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Ignition and Conception: Advanced Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

I recently attended an Advanced Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The topic was Ignition – the energetic process of the sperm meeting the egg at the moment of Conception. This has so many ramifications throughout our lives.

All the messages one goes through Life with, are based on the circumstances of our Conception. Questions around , “Do I feel accepted by the group”, “feelings of Belonging”, of “Being part of a group” all have to do with the energetic circumstances arising out of Conception. “Did the parents want the baby, were there feelings of ambivalence, rejection, of failed pregnancies or miscarriages in the past?” All of  this affects the energetic union of sperm and egg, and the resulting messages we  incorporate into our Life story.

We did an energetic/physical exercise to re-create this moment of Conception and the ensuing “Ignition” process:

My partner began by slowly “Meeting” my system energetically, waiting for my Body to make what we call a”Holistic Shift” – an orientation of a feeling of fragmented parts to a feeling of Wholeness, of a fluid, unified body. She approached the locus of Conception Ignition, located at the Third Ventricle of the Brain. (right above the bridge of the nose or Third Eye).

As she came to rest her hands there;  I began to experience a pulsation which deepened into a strong energetic buzzing in the frontal bones  ( forehead ) of my skull. This continued to deepen as the session continued, until she and I both felt an expansion and widening of the  “energetic field” around the Frontal bones of my forehead, as if my brow was reaching out laterally towards the sides of the room, as the energetic field was clearly expanding.

This widening of the my perceptual field was due to Long Tide phenomena;  a deepening of the “ Breath of Life as it ignites a spark of life in the conceptus with an ordering midline.”* (forming our Blueprint).  Clearly something was happening energetically; a “clearing” in the structures deep within the center of my skull;  reaching into places of inertia or density of past trauma.

Afterwards I felt very relaxed and Integrated.
Thinking and feeling felt more unified.
I felt more cogent and unified in my speech.
There was less of a gap in my thinking and I was more able to express myself directly.
Linking Intention and Action. Thought and direct expression.
There was a  lightening of my mood and an ability to be funny in an understated and entertaining way without really trying.

That night I slept deeply and woke up tired, not wanting to get out of bed. As if I was tapping into much needed Rest and change.

* Franklyn Sills, ”Foundations in CranioSacral Biodynamics”: The Sentient Embryo, Tissue Intelligence, and Trauma Resolution

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