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April 29, 2020
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June 30, 2020

Comorbidities and their Contribution to Those Dying from the Virus

Many thanks to Bill Maher

For articulating what I have been thinking and feeling for some time now. That the response to the Pandemic here in the United States has been fractured, inconsistent and lacking any clear Plan. As we pass the significant milestone of 100,000 deaths, we’re still no better off in terms of where we are or how to go forward.

Forget about the easy target of inept leadership at the top and the government’s slow, if non-existent response, to dealing with this Crisis. Not enough hard inquiry has been leveled at the top scientists and medical community who are advising us.

I am reminded of the story of the drowning man who keeps missing opportunities to save himself from severe and devastating floods. 

When he gets to Heaven, he asks God, ”why didn’t you save me?”

God answers, “I sent you boats, a helicopter and a rope to rescue from your rooftop and you still refused help.”

We seem to be similarly, passively waiting for the Big Answer; the old time magic bullet to save us. Only this time it’s the Vaccine.

We’re told not to go out, not congregate, wear a mask and wash our hands. But we’re not told told to do anything proactive, to augment and build up our Immune System. In fact, just the opposite-stay inside.

Forget about the powerful effects of sunlight and Vitamin D and the role it plays in maintaining a healthy Immune System. The role of Exercise, especially in the fresh air. Eating well and decreasing inflammation in the body can eliminate many of the contributing factors to the comorbidities that are causing many of those afflicted with Covid-19 to die – these things are not discussed.

Instead of once and for all addressing what’s causing these comorbidities (i.e. Inflammation and the inflammatory cytokines that puts people’s health at risk), it’s consequences on our health (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and chronic pain),  and it’s contribution to those dying from the Virus.

Once again Big Pharma and the Big Food Companies rule the day and are untouchable by our cable networks, left or right. All we are left with are sensationalized news and fanciful cures that never arrive. Once again, Medicine’s talent for managing disease is revealed but does not bring us closer to a cure. It’s like we are living this huge played out version of “The Emperor with No Clothes.” Only this time,  the obvious culprits,  the ones that got us here in the first place are not mentioned. Instead we all remain paralyzed by the big bad Virus, while the underlying factors and systemic failures in our bodies remain in place.

Many folks are realizing they have to make a living. They can’t live in perpetuity of the government finding a “cure.” We all have to live our lives.

Perhaps if greater attention and public awareness was really paid to actively improving our Immune System, we might eliminate our collective fear of the specter of complications from respiratory viruses.

Poor quality food mixed with chemicals and sugar, pesticide and herbicide, residue result in Inflammation and make us more susceptible to have more complications from the virus. Not eating processed food (pizza, pastries, and restaurant fried foods) really does make our bodies work better and help us fight off all the viruses and bacteria that are all around us and are a fact of life. Reducing our intake of animal protein and not eating the unhealthy oils that are in virtually all of our salad dressings and mayonnaise and chips and crackers and protein bars. Increasing our nutrient dense green leafy vegetables-kale and spinach0while we are quarantined.

We could prevent many deaths if we handle the reason for these comorbidities that are linked to the virus hold over us. But like all “Elephants in the Room”, this is not part of the discussion on our national news. Instead the Manifestations of this deadly virus are sensationalized endlessly and we told to stay in place indefinitely, socially distance, and wash our hands over and over and over.

Most of the world’s population did not die from the 1918 pandemic. Many who worked closely with flu victims either did not get sick or recovered if they did. Our goal should be to optimize our chances of being in the healthy group, especially if we are elderly or have chronic aliments. Even the young and healthy are not scot free from the effects of the virus, if their level of inflammation puts them at risk for chronic ailments and complications from respiratory viruses.

When we will we Open Our Eyes and see that the people in charge don’t really know what they are talking about. That they have no real plan. And worse, are blind to what they do not know. Maybe they are operating off of their “mechanistic” perceptions and models of disease. And neglecting, negating and avoiding talking about our most precious resource; “the Creative Intelligence” and Inherent Health within us.

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