A job done right is priceless.
August 7, 2019
Nothing to Lose: Healing from Within
November 9, 2019

How Complimentary Therapies Enhance your Current Treatments and Your Quality of Life

Even after extensive treatment, millions of Americans still suffer from chronic, relentless pain that greatly diminishes the quality of their lives. Beyond the common and conventionally prescribed pain and drug treatment therapies, you may have heard about alternate therapies that provide healing and relief with effortless light touch, non-invasive and functional therapy modalities.  Given the rising numbers of people living in pain every day, this sounds very promising, but how do we know which therapies work?

A devastating car accident in 1973 turned out to be a catalyst for profound healing and change in my life. Once I understood that my brain injury was the source of the dramatic changes, I decided to go back to school to better understand the dynamic interface between the mind and the body.

By choosing the therapies that go deep below the surface of the pain, clients are able to access and restore movement to the Nervous and Neuromusculoskeletal systems so cells and tissues are able to perform their normal physiological functions and lessen pain.

In my practice, I offer a functional approach to healing, rather than a mechanical symptomatic approach. This approach looks into the ways that the environment, along with traumas, dictates the way that our body functions and ages. It’s based on close observation of the client, allowing the primary pain source to emerge, rather than going with where the patient is complaining of pain. Where are the places that are stopping or inhibiting movement?

The goal of my work is for clients to walk away with deeper understanding of how to heal their bodies from a more natural, holistic and gentle way.

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