How Complimentary Therapies Enhance your Current Treatments and Your Quality of Life
August 29, 2019
The Body Has Everything It Needs to Heal from Within
November 10, 2019

Nothing to Lose: Healing from Within

A recent edition of PBS NewsHour about Jane Fonda taking herself to the streets to protest climate change and getting arrested at 81 years old, was so inspiring.

When asked “why?” by the host Judy Woodruff, and if she would advise other older women to do the same, she replied, “at this age you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Inspired by this sentiment, I want to share my latest healing journey with the Rife machine.

Sunday nite, my ankle blew up – it got so swollen, inflamed, red and tender. I couldn’t move it, let alone stand on it.

I was up almost all night, and it took 2 oxycodone for pain relief to give me any hint of sleep. When morning came, I went to see my Nutritional Response Testing practitioner who informed me I had cellulitis, a staph infection that could lead to serious problems if left untreated. She gave me various herbal and homeopathic remedies to boost my Immune system, but when I got home I knew I needed to look into further treatment.

I called the company that sold me the rife machine, who have an excellent support service. They gave me different “sets” of high frequencies to use to combat the staph infection, as well as support sets to deal with inflammation and to detoxify the “die-off” from the staph invaders.

Tuesday, I realized I had made an error by not taking the antibiotic following my bladder surgery 10 days ago, which likely contributed to the staph infection. So, I started taking the antibiotics, and continued to ramp up using the recommended rife machine ”frequencies” to deal with the staph infection and deactivate the bacteria from within.

As the week wore on, I started to feel better and by Wednesday I had improved by at least 50%.

Upon speaking to my brother, who is a dentist and has a very analytical scientific bent, he advised me to seek medical help imminently and get on a new, longer course of antibiotics, because of the potential danger with cellulitis (it can spread through the interstitial spaces within the tissues and is therefore hard to treat). So, I made an appointment with an infectious disease doctor for the following Monday.

By Thursday evening and I can honestly say I was about 75% better.

The antibiotics I took helped, but because of the small quantity, 6 over 3 days – it was supposed to be taken immediately after the surgery to prevent infection and therefore it was only a very limited course of antibiotics – I believe it’s efficacy was limited.

Daily Feldenkrais lessons and nutrition to enhance my Immune System helped as well.

What I believe really helped was the application of a Rife instrument I purchased to create a pulsed electromagnetic field.

“Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye.” — World Health Organization

Here’s how Pulsed Electromagnetic Field coupled with a Radio Frequency Carrier Wave work (courtesy of Resonant Light Technology abstracts):

It creates an electrostatic charge at the deepest cellular level in the body with the ability to create an optimal environment allowing cells to better communicate with each other. The particular frequency targets the problem area and helps bring the entire body to a level of homeostasis, boosting the Immune system, detoxing, repairing tissues, strengthening organs, increasing energy, and reducing stress and inflammation. In the case of pathogenic microorganisms, the frequency will target them, devitalize them and move them out of the body as debris.

6 days later and my foot looked identical to my other healthy foot in color and function.

To me, this was truly miraculous healing happening at the deepest cellular level. This experience has reaffirmed my belief that the body has everything it needs to heal within it. When you bring the body back to homeostasis, you allow the cells to communicate with each other and the body can heal itself.


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